Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Toy story

In which I decide that we'll have to poison our kids in the interests of economic development, sort of.


Anonymous said...

Oooh, not only are the commenters attacking you, they're attacking each other!
I agree with you that the Mattel situation is the inevitable consequence of a globalised economy, designed to drive prices ever lower, but I also laughed at the comment about the restrictions on carrying liquids/gels in hand baggage. Just exactly how does putting my lipstick in freezer bag make me safer on a plane?!

FirstNations said...

OK,Tim, get out of my head.
The Biker and I were discussing this the other day in the wake of Wal-Marts 'Chinese Flip-Flop Sandal Scandal'.
I feel VERY smart now! :)

Tim F said...

In recent days, the Mandarin Hotel in Bangkok caught fire, because there were no sprinklers installed; a boat off Krabi capsized, killing a tourist, because there were 65 people on board when there should have been under 20; and I nearly electrocuted myself when a live plug fell to pieces in my hand.

I blame it all on an evil alliance between globalisation and Buddhism.

patroclus said...

I've lost track of the amount of articles I've written about how global megacorps no longer source products based on lowest cost, but on more 'strategic' considerations like product quality, availability and speed of delivery.

Something tells me I've been writing bollocks all this time.

Tim F said...

Looks that way, I'm afraid. Capitalism, eh? Cuh.