Tuesday, September 25, 2007


The refrain that "social networks are the new blog" has become so tiresome and pervasive that we ought to be looking elsewhere for our clich├ęs. Maybe something like "double viral loops are the new social network".

Still, when Radio 4's comedy warhorse Just a Minute acknowledges the existence of blogging (about nine minutes in on Listen Again; available until next Monday), maybe it's time we bloggers made a dignified withdrawal, or at least resigned ourselves to the status of nostalgic obsessives, like someone who still uses a ZX81 or drives a Trabant. On the other hand, could it not be that "clapped-out parlour games for which we still retain a grudging fondness, because Clement Freud remains a supremely cool dude and Merton's usually good value, are the new double viral loop" is the new "social networks are the new blog"?


Rog said...

ZX-81's are just too everywhere. I'm posting this on a white ZX-80 but because it only has 1k of memo<&^*&

patroclus said...

My alter ego thinks that social networks will weed the illiterati out of the blogosphere, leaving it for people who like to read and write proper English. Which coincidentally is probably the same people who like to listen to Just A Minute on Radio 4.

patroclus said...

Erm, or proper French, Italian, Urdu, Japanese, etc.

*reprimands self sternly for shocking anglocentrism*

Billy said...

I am very prejudiced against Just A Minute I don't know why.


llewtrah said...

I with Patroculs on this one. Those sheep that follow the latest fads will leave bloggers to get on with dignified and erudit contributions to the blogosphere.

Fat Roland said...

Sorry, but what's a blog again?

Tim F said...

Yes, Murph, and I love the whirry noise the tape makes.

Just a Minute in Urdu, Patroclus? Love it.

He was better in Sale of the Century, wasn't he, Billy?

Dignified, Llewtrah? You've come to the wrong blog.

You sound like a High Court judge, Roland.