Monday, April 11, 2022

About Britpop (and after)

In my 2007 book about Radiohead (as seen in the finest charity shops) I identified a handful of albums that encapsulated their creators’ bleary-eyed response to the end of Britpop’s frenetic hedonism (and none of them were by Oasis, because Oasis didn’t have the wit to realise the party was over). And finally, in yet another documentary about the last gasp of Union-Jack-splattered guitars (and one that also relegated Oasis to a supporting role), Miranda Sawyer found les mot justes to define those records: “everything turned into Tuesday”.


Martin said...

An apposite song choice. After the Britpop bubble burst, "what exactly do you do for an encore?"

Tim F said...

Nod-and-a-wink self-reference replaced with honest, resigned self-awareness. It may just be my favourite album of the decade.