Tuesday, August 10, 2021

About Larkin

When an ad for this poster (the work of the Bristol company Standard Designs) popped up, I laughed at first, because it’s funny; then my inner pedant grumbled because Larkin was wary of any jazz that happened after about 1940 so the Blue Note designs being pastiched here wouldn’t have figured that much in his collection. (I once complained to the BBC because a Radio 4 play about the poet suggested that he was a fan of Cannonball Adderley.) But then I wondered whether that was the whole point – anything to annoy the King of Curmudgeons. If only he were around to write a mordant poem about it.

She kept her songs, they kept so little space,
The covers pleased her...

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Rawdon Crawley said...

Philip Larkin Quintet?
He was a soloist, surely, possibly with assorted female solingers. In his youth his father allowed him to practice jazz drums in the house - I don't know if PL tried to please his Nazi-admiring Dad by jazzing up the Horst Weffel Lied.