Friday, November 01, 2013

Gaga and Reed: Artpop will eat itself

In the wake of Lou Reed’s demise, Suzanne Moore writes in The Guardian:
Watching Gaga writhe on the neuro-disco is a daft parody of Walk on the Wild Side. Amusement. Art does not have to be about transgression, it can be about anything – of course, it can. But look at us mourn the time when it felt that way; this loss is immense.
To be honest, that single article ticks so many of the boxes that I’ve been trying to cover in this blog that it almost makes what I do feel a bit redundant. Time for a rest, maybe.

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Annie said...

There was a really sweet quote from Boy George, he said "Walk On The Wild Side made every gay kid feel like they were walking on invisible heels.' And I bet Lady Gaga makes young gay kids growing up nowadays feel exactly the same.

I hate it when old folks moan about pop music and seem to want to claim there's nothing good for the young ones anymore. And comparing the two artists is really comparing apples & pears.