Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Post. Modern.

The Yorkshire Post gives me a few hundred words in which to rant, hypothesise and plug.


Morton Shadow said...

Judging by the overwhelming response, I'd retitle that one if I was (were) you Timster.

Post. Mortem.?

(It's OK - you'll get used to it. I did....eventually....)

"We hate it when our friends become successful...and if they're pompey, that makes it even worser..."

There was a Record Mirror (yep, you can see where I'm going already, no doubt..) review of Bowie's 'Tonight' LP that always stuck in my mind. They tore into the only track on it that was in anyway worthy of merit ('Loving the Alien', if anyone doesn't know the record) saying something along the lines of "with Ashes to Ashes he gave us art about art, now he's giving us art about art about art..." I can't remember exactly the point I was trying to make, but it made sense when I started it. In any case, just ignore the critics and keep on doing what you're doing - bearing in mind that the Beatles catalogue is re-re-re-released tomorrow so in about 4 hours, no one will give a tinker's cuss about the last 4 deacdes anyway...



Sniffer said...

The Yorkshire Post, published by the group formerly know as Yorkshire Conservative Newspapers? The one that's a duller version of The Daily Mail but with added sheep trials? I'm not surprised you don't have any comments, Tim, as the paper's readership, mainly made up of retired Heckmondwike small businessmen and purple-rinsed Harrogate matrons, are probably only dimly aware of the existence of the Internet. My mum and dad take the paper, but only on a Saturday, as they like the TV guide.
Patronising reference to Leeds United very much appreciated, Timbo, though probably less so round Sheffield and Rotherham way. All in all, I can't quite see an H Potter-type clamour for The Noughties across the Broad Acres. Time for a meeting with your agent?

Tim F said...

Wasn't that the album on which Bowie attempted to cover God Only Knows, Mort? By which I mean, "on which Bowie staked Brian Wilson out on a bed of broken glass and farted in his face for eternity".

Sniffer, the Leeds ref was simply in the cause of allieration with Lily Allen. Had I been discussing Shakira or Rihanna, I would have gone elsewhere. And what should I have done, boycotted Yorkshire entirely because that's where Jeremy Clarkson comes from?

garfer said...

Blimey, that had me coming over all J B Priestly smoking a pipe kind of way while surveying the road to Wigan pier.

I'm looking forward to the tens, when enlightened folks will allow smoking in pubs which haven't been flooded.

Tim F said...

Garfer, I wrote that piece while wearing a trilby.