Saturday, September 05, 2009

He don’t mean Jack

In the intellectual hothouse that is Twitter, Billy has raised a sound point; who is the most famous person not to have his/her own Wikipedia page? Although of course such a distinction might just prod the individual in question to such a level of notoriety that a page miraculously appears. Upon such paradoxes is the modern world founded.


Morton Shadow said...

Yes, agreed Timster.

It would only encourage him, wouldn't it?

(Christ knows, all we've seen enough of those legs to last *several* lifetimes as it is...)



Billy said...

Everyone I could think of had one. This is hard, proving a negative, of sorts.

patroclus said...

Is it Billy?

Tim F said...

I'm slightly bemused that Kilburn and the High Roads don't seem to warrant a page of their own. I think that may be the answer.