Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Putting yourself about

Well, the year’s half done, and it’s customary at times like this to start beating yourself up and griping about all the New Year resolutions you haven’t kept and how you just haven’t achieved anything so far and how life is slipping away and it’s like a record and you’re edging towards the play-out groove and the record seems to be speeding up 33-45-78 and you still haven’t worked out what the tune is.

Well, bollocks to that. I’ve done rather a lot so far this year. And there’s more to come. So there.

But what I haven’t done, for several years, is a job. I mean, a proper, salaried, where-do-you-see-yourself-in-five-years, office party, annual evaluation job job. I sort of miss it. Maybe I should have another go. Except that I’m crap at selling myself (or anything else, for that matter), so I’m rather in awe of people like this:

(by xkcd)


Boz said...


I cannot begin to list all the ways that office life is tedious, torturous and insipidly dull.

Don't do it.

Billy said...

What Boz said.

Rog said...

LS Lowrie isn't what he used to be.

Morton Shadow said...

" pays my way and it corrodes my soul..."


p.s. ...more Moz here (eventually)...

wrood vicyvercifation: aterlesu - I don't find him as *salient* as Baudrillard, do you???

p.p.s. R.I.P. Mollster...(who'll stroke her pussy now, one wonders...??)

Steerforth said...

The ideal is two or three days a week in a regular job where you meet new people, enjoy stimulating conversation and have a laugh. Any more than that and it feels as if your life's ebbing away. The trouble is that it tends to be all or nothing.

I've gone from having no job to working my arse off five days a week and I can't say either extreme is what I want.

Tim F said...

Boz/Billy: Yes, I know that. But there's something narcotically attractive about the tedium. The Zen of Office and all that. Not to mention the free paperclips.

I know, Rog. Y'know, the time is right for a Brian & Michael revival, I feel.

I like to think that Baudrillard died while working on an analysis of Mr Lucas's kipper ties, Mort.

That's why everyone wants to be a consultant, Steerforth. You just turn up at a client office as and when you feel. Probably when you need to get some photocopying done, or fancy some free, bad coffee.

Morton Shadow said...

"Mr Lucas's kipper tie."

If only old Jean B. was a Brummie, eh?*

Could you get any more post-modern than a Stan Collymore/Baudrillard/Are you being served mash-up gag??

I think not.**


*I'm assuming he's not a Brummie, obviously - but what do I know?? If Vieira signs for City, *anything* is possible...

**...therefore I *am* not...?

p.s. wrod vrecifivivisection: rerters - More an AP man meself...

p.p.s. The Spinster has been fleetingly glimpsed hereabouts of late - can't you start up a campaign to get her writing again Tim?