Monday, July 06, 2009

Coming attractions


not to mention

Ooh, I say.


Rog said...

..and there was us all thinking you were just a net-loafing twazmuppet!

Where is "The London Olympics - A Retrospective" ?

patroclus said...

Fantastic! I have pre-ordered the Noughties one, which has the added distinction of being published on the Blue Kitten's birthday. Looking forward to it immensely.

Geoff said...

Radiohead, Leonard Cohen...

Can we have Black Lace next?

You wait a couple of years then two come at once!

Billy said...

I'm not sure about Black Lace. What about the Happy Mondays?

Valerie said...

What fun! I'll tell everyone who is anyone to pre-order ;-) I'm quite curious to read your take on both of these topics (esp. as a longtime Leonard Cohen fan, while at the same time not believing him to be the be-all and end-all of songwriting some feel him to be).

Chris said...

Interesting pair. Interesting too that of the four cultural things on the cover of the Noughties book, three are containers, and only one (Master Potter) is content. Looking forward to that.

Spinsterella said...

Crikey indeed, you have been busy.

Ultra-short term nostalgia and all that, but aren't we still in the noughties? What if the defining pop-cultural moment of the whole decade doesn't happen till, say, tomorrow?

garfer said...

I hope the Noughties volume won't be remaindered by the time we reach the next decade.

Poor skint Leonard. I hope he's getting a cut of the royalties.

Tim F said...

But the Olympics ain't gonna happen, Rog. Didn't you watch Spooks Code 9?

Thank you, Patroclus. Maybe you can take a photo of BK reading it. Or eating it.

Actually, Geoff, Billy, I was thinking Bad Manners next.

That does rather tie in with my view, Valerie. I think it's best to write about people/bands that you admire, but don't drool over.

That's good, Chris. Although the cover - another container in itself - was designed before the text was written.

Tell me about it, Spin. We had a last-minute panic to squeeze in Michael Jackson. Let's hope they don't find Osama before January.

On the other hand, Garfer, Len's financial embarrassment comes just as back catalogue loses its value and touring becomes the main revenue stream for established acts. I reckon he'll be OK. He's a Zen Jew, y'know.

Morton Shadow said...

...speaking of Zen Judaism (....and Attractions...)

Perhaps you can help me here Tim. I was always under the impression that Elvis Costello was Jewish (Indeed, I vividly remember reading his response to the question "how will you be celebrating Christmas this year" in Woman's Realm, circa December 1979*)

However, reading his biography, 'Complicated Shadows'**, there is no mention whatsoever of him being Jewish. Not a sausage. Nada. Either it's the worst piece of rock 'n' roll research since "Welcome to the Machine: Radiohead and the decline and fall of the novelty record in post-modern culture"***, or I am even more senile than I at first feared.

Say it ain't so, Tim....


p.s. wrod veronica...veronica...ification: inessh ( some rain must fall???)

p.p.s Hello again Spinster! How's tricks?

*He replied: "I'm Jewish. I don't celebrate Christmas".

** Bastards - *I* had that pegged for the title of *my* biography!!

***Just kidding!

Dick Headley said...

Congratulations Tim. I knew you'd been up to something.

Tim F said...

Hi Mort, I'm pretty sure EC is Scouse Irish from all directions. There was an interview with Greil Marcus (or maybe Christgau - one of those guys) in the early 80s when he was talking about Mosley and the NF, and compared the treatment of the Jews with what Brits did to 'his people' (the Irish). Wouldn't be much point if he could claim Judaism as well. The '79 ref was probably him with his wind-up hat on (cf the Ray Charles thing).

As distinct from my usual inertia, Dick?

Morton Shadow said...

Yes, seems as though my gullible 14 year old self was sucked in by the famous McManus wit. Serves me right for reading Woman's Realm, I suppose...

I think the definitive interview was the 'Elvis repents...' one with Marcus - present company excluded, the most engaging and evocative of rock writers if you ask me...

The Steven Stills/Bonnie Bramlett incident in Columbus was definitely a wind-up - drunken, misguided and - if the biog I'm reading is to be believed - career shrivelling.

Thanks for the assistance (Doctor Luther)