Sunday, July 26, 2009

Leonard Cohen’s greatest hit

Had completely forgotten this existed. Magnificent.


expat@large said...

I am trying to forget it as we speak.

Valerie said...

Ha! Never knew they did this. Great stuff. I've long loved their cover of "Money," but didn't pay huge attention to their other repertoire. I hadn't realized how many albums they had, either... nor the connection to Michael Nyman. Cool.

Billy said...

Ha, that's great.

If only they got around to doing Uptown Top Ranking.

Morton Shadow said...

That has to be one of the best video clips I've ever seen. And I watched it with the sound down - I'm assuming it's even better with the music, right?

I never liked their version of Money. I guess that wasn't the point though - you weren't really meant to *like* it. Were you?

Interesting programme on last night about Hunter S. Thompson. I didn't realise that he stood for mayor or sherrif (or something) in Aspen. He shaved all his hair off so that he could call his straight, conservative opponent long haired... genius! Maybe Gordon should give it a go...?


wv: ingradom - Look back in?

Dick Headley said...

David Byrne meets Laurie Anderson and Debby Harry in Sloane Square.

Tim F said...

So... two for, two against and Christ knows what Dick thinks, but that's par for the course.