Monday, July 20, 2009

Like it's a bad thing

But what I want to know is, what exactly is wrong with hype, snark and solipsism?


“ age group that thrives on high drama, laughter and noise.” Were we like that at their age? Were we? I mean, laughter?


Morton Shadow said...



wv: stsoomed.

(So, it's *Reynolds* who sets the wrod vrecifification!!)

Morton Shadow said...

...almost forgot - *yay*!



wv: alticat

(He's at it again...)

Rog said...

They've got a point. Hype, Snark and Solipsism went rapidly downhill after Neil Young left.

Boz said...

Do they really think anyone reads all that??

WV: prolit !!

Billy said...

I live for snark.

Valerie said...

Hell, I still thrive on laughter and noise. Snark too, while I'm at it.

Tim F said...

Reynolds sets everything that Morley hasn't got time for, Mort.

Rog: But I thought they were a firm of solicitors.

Or this, Boz?

And snark quite likes Billy.

Of course, Valerie. You're Radio 1's target audience.

9/10ths Full of Penguins said...

Radio 1 is a steaming pile of horse droppings. However, I thought that when I was squarely in their target age group.

As the average age of their audience is gradually increasing they should just give in to the inevitable and merge with Radio 2. This would create a monstrous radio hybrid called BBC Radio 1.5.

Don't thank me BBC, this idea is free, just take it.

*however, if you do want to show your appreciation, consign the vile Chris Evans to the outer darkness where he can wail and gnash his teeth in a place no-one will ever hear him*