Friday, October 03, 2008

Thank Crunchie

Ah, Friday. I was going to concoct a megapost about McLuhan, Brecht and Baudrillard in the final episode of The Wire but: a) I've been a bit busy with proper work; and b) apparently, only about four people watched the final episode of The Wire.

So, what can a time-poor boy do? Crack open a few YouTubes, of course.

The first has literary overtones, and comes courtesy of the lovely Garfer:

Then, an old joke, but nicely done:

And finally, this one has been kicking around for a few weeks, but you may have missed it (especially if you've been watching The Wire instead):

Closing concept: an internet phenomenon that revolves around links that claim to be taking people to a video of Rick Astley performing 'Never Gonna Give You Up', but don't. What would it be called?


Rog said...

The last video sounded like Suggs and the Nutty Boys after their spell in therapy.

Rick Un-Rolling?

Vicus Scurra said...

I watched the Wire. Of course. I thought it was compulsory. Should be.

garfer said...

I can imagine Thomas Hardy and the Rev Ian Paisley jigging along to the last one.

It's definitely a foot tapper.

FirstNations said...

... a huge relief.

Garth said...

Sagittarius & I have spent the last month watching the wire oon DVD from season 1 through to 5 9three episodes to go).
I suspect we are ruined for standard television fare from now on.
The greatest novel we've ever watched.

Valerie said...

What a set of silliness!

The Jude one made me laugh out loud at work. But at least I didn't snort tea out my nose like someone else I could mention.

My sister's partner did her thesis on Jude the Obscure, and boy would she be mad if I sent her that URL.

Sniffer said...

Looking forward to your Wire wrap-up, Timbo, but am working my way through the box sets and only up to Season 4, Episode 10. Can you hold off for another 12 days or so, please? Actually, better make it 15.
Thank you

9/10ths Full of Penguins said...

I have a confession to make.

I haven't even watched a solitary episode of the Wire.

There, I said it.

In my defence, I've decided to buy all 5 seasons at once and watch them in a televisual orgy of, er, television. Much as I'm doing with the West Wing at the moment.

amyonymous said...

love the jude video and will send it along to my colleague for her british literature class to enjoy. liked the funny one in the middle, but i don't get the last one. these people are joking, right? some kind of saturday night live skit?

Tim F said...

Go here for a synopsis of the is-Sonseed-the-real-deal? debate. I'm agnostic on this one; in fact, I could just follow B********d and suggest that notions of authenticity are a distraction.

As for the end-of-the-Wire thing, maybe I could take a quick straw poll: how many of you expect to be up to speed by, say, the end of October? Presuming of course, that you feel the need to watch the bloody thing, rather than just absorb the Baltimore-related rantings of Charlie Brooker by osmosis.