Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Coulda been a contender

The splendid Ian Hocking Twitters me to the fact that Google has resuscitated its index from January 2001. Another world. No Twitter, no Blogger, no Wikipedia, no YouTube, no Facebook. There was, however, a World Trade Center.

The inevitable temptation is to type one's own name in: I know who I am, but who was I nearly eight years ago? Well, in January 2001, I was in a bit of a slump, having recently been made redundant. However, I did have my name attached to one of the best-selling books of the previous year, so my results soared to a startling 450. To offer a bit of context, an Illinois state senator named Barack Obama only made 672.

PS: Correction... Blogger did exist. But who knew?


Annie said...

Your search - "annie rhiannon atkins" - did not match any documents.

patroclus said...

Ooh, thanks for that, I found the only article I've ever had published under my own name, which I thought was long gone.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing for me. Bah.

Valerie said...

Well DANG. Only 137 results for me back then, despite having been on the Interarpathingamanets for 19 years at that point.

What stands out:

* My email address was
* I seem to have been whining about the uselessness of (finger)nail strengtheners, very girly of me
* I had recently published articles called "More than Shared
Artifacts: Collaboration via Shared Presence in MUD" and "Playing in the MUD: Virtual Worlds are Real Places"
* I was volunteering for my synagogue (despite being a confirmed atheist since the age of 17)

Tim F said...

See, Annie, Billy? Just a few years ago, you didn't exist?

Patroclus: Wonder if the CEO of Lehman Bros is doing the same thing.

Valerie: It just seems like a smaller, more navigable world all round.

Christopher said...

Splendid. It's like having one's virginity back, and wondering when one's going to lose it and to whom.

Tim F said...

Or "if", Christopher...