Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Guns and buns

In which I contrast American and British methods of registering disapproval of our elected representatives, and have a dig at a former NUS President while I'm at it:

I am of course delighted that the alleged plot to murder Barack Obama and over 100 other African-Americans has been foiled. And yet, deep down, I can't help thinking that at least it shows someone's taking this election seriously.

One nation separated by a common cheesecake recipe here.


FirstNations said...

Here in the U.S we know that lead has considerably more stopping power than most baked ordnance.

crazyrivergirl said...

I'd like to be known as Entarteur from now on.

Tim F said...

You never experienced my Granny's lokshen pudding, FN.

You always have been, CRG. We just couldn't bring ourselves to tell you.