Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ceci n'est pas un blog

Just in case you haven't heard, blogging is dead, and Twitter killed it. Says so in Wired. Must be true, then.


Christopher said...

There's a bus shelter near here on which someone has scrawled 'Ceci n'est pas un poulailler' (This isn't a henhouse). 'Poulailler' can also mean 'knocking-shop', 'bordello', etc. so clearly 'poulailler' and 'blog' are virtually cognate in several senses.

'I only hit the keys...'etc: I didn't know you were a pianist.

Geoff said...

"Bloggers today are expected to write clever, insightful, witty prose".

No they're not. Nothing's changed except for YouTube embeds which if used well can illuminate a post.

Besides, you can't show off on Twitter and that's a big part of blogging.

And do you get the same community spirit on Twitter?

wv - wivelay. Cor yeah, 'specially in the north.

Anonymous said...

I was gnashing my teeth with indignation but only enough to read the first few sentences of the piece and the first few comments. And those first few commenters were saying, "Er, sorry, but isn't what you wrote complete bollocks?" So we're all saved. Phew!

wv: mederse. Not a word, but so easily could be.

zenbullets said...

Normally I'd say something terribly clever here, but comments are just sooooo last year.

Saw it in Marie Claire.

Anonymous said...

You don't have enough space to meander on twitter. You just have to get to the point quickly which can be good, but I'm more a fan of the scenic route.

(This comment would be too long for Twitter. Probably.)

Tim F said...

The blogosphere as a virtual whorehouse, Christopher. I like...

Incidentally, my dad had the same reaction to the tag, thinking it might be Count Basie. But it's from an early Hancock (spoken by Bill Kerr) and it's about typing.

Geoff: You can show off on Twitter, but you have to be quick about it.

Pleite: Mederse is Gaelic for suppository.

Zen: And I'd marked you as an Elle girl.

Tim F said...

The advantage with Twitter is that you don't spend so long composing the comments that you fail to notice Billy commenting in the middle.

Valerie said...

I think there's a point here, though. It wouldn't be a bad thing if blogging contracted a bit, so that work like Tim's and pleite's and patroclus' and y'all good bloggers' could stand out.

Folks like me should probably draw back from trying to generate provocative blog entries and failing. I do much better generating provocative Facebook status lines; I think that's the limit of my talent.

Annie said...

I'm glad blogging is dead, I liked it much better when it was just us.

Rog said...

Why don't you just eat McCain's chips?!

(authentic voice of amateur wordsmith)

Anonymous said...

I can also confirm that all social networking is now officially dead in the water with the arrival of Veronica's ancient Auntie Christine on Facebook.

I suggest all you young people now find somewhere else to hang around.


garfer said...

Blogging is the prerogative of the terminally dysfunctional, which is why I like it.

Social networking it is not, as most of us have never met and have no desire to do so.

patroclus said...

Apparently, because Jason Calacanis has stopped blogging, we all have to stop blogging. Jason Calacanis is the Bagpuss of the blogosphere.

Tim F said...

I think that's what's going to happen, Valerie; not the end of blogging, but a winnowing. Like a bank shedding 40% of its staff.

Just you and me, Annie? That's not blogging, that's two cans and a bit of string.

Because he's had them, Murph. Hope your lump gets sorted.

But Wyndham, aren't old people the new black? Or even the new blacks?

Garfer, what is this "met" of which you speak?

Ooh, ooh, Patroclus, Bagpuss is coming back! But that may be a bad thing. They'll probably give him an iPod and make Professor Yaffle breakdance.

k said...

Ironically, the bloke who created Blogger (and helped popularise blogs) joined Google when they bought it, and then he left to start Twitter. So he killed off his own creation, and the universe will now explode.

Anonymous said...

Who is Jason Calacani? And can I be the Mary, Mungo and Midge of blogging?

Boz said...

Thinking about launching a print magazine? Here's some friendly advice..

WHY are they bringing back classics like Bagpuss and Rent-A-Ghost? What happened to NEW IDEAS?? Oh dear I sound a bit Daily Mail there. That's worrying.

Tim F said...

Kim: In order to save the global village, it was necessary to destroy it.

Wyndham: Jason Calcanis is better known as the astronaut from The Clangers. Mary, Mungo and Midge are all taken, but there's still a vacancy for PC Copper from Bod.

They had some new ideas, Boz, but they were all shite. Balamory? Yeah, right.

Marsha Klein said...

"Jason Calacanis is the Bagpuss of the blogosphere."

Saggy, baggy and bit loose at the seams??