Tuesday, September 09, 2008

You're a pink paintbrush, I'm a blue paintbrush

Carrying on with the art/sex dialectic that seems to have taken hold in recent days:

One of the more tedious responses to that which the Daily Mail still persists in calling "political correctness" is to demand equal treatment for majority and/or privileged groups. If a students' union has a women's officer, the argument goes, we should have a men's officer. If there's a Black Police Association, why not a White Police Association? Which leads inexorably to heterosexual-only nightclubs, although if you extracted all the gay influences from modern club culture, you'd be left with two blokes called Dave headbanging to Hi Ho Silver Lining.

So what happens when this sort of reactionary pointscoring becomes flesh? What happens when someone stages, let's say, an exhibition of male art?

Unless a certain popular philosopher has sneaked in when I wasn't looking, you can read the rest of it here.


llewtrah said...

"two blokes called Dave headbanging"

sounds homo-erotic to me.

violetforthemoment said...

I rather enjoyed that cif post, but cannot comment on 'em at work for some bizarre reason. Magnet for the militant masculinists though. You know, the people who think that ranting about the family courts' alleged favouring of dreadful mothers over sainly father sin custody cases is relavant to an article about rape crisis centres closing. Because said articles are another fictional addition to the great Feminism Con, oh yes. Also, male-on-female domestic violence? Nothing to do with gender AT ALL, due to the fatc that some women are also violent towards male partners. Tossers.

Off to put Jeff Beck's Truth on now, and pretend it's not just for Hi Ho Silver Lining.

violetforthemoment said...

"saintly fathers in custody cases"

violetforthemoment said...



I'll just go away now.

Tim Footman said...

Llewtrah: Except that 'Dave' is the least gay name ever. It's a scientifically proven fact.

Violet: Yes, it all got a little bitter and twisted there, didn't it? Pity, because the original cause (funding for male cancers) is entirely honourable. Ho hum.

(And don't worry about typos. They have a fragile charm of their own.)

violetforthemoment said...

I was just about to argue that George is the least gay name ever but then I remembered George from Rainbow.

The 'I Think The Word Feminazi Is The Most Utterly Cutting And Witty Insult Ever' crowd get like that all the time on cif, so instead of discussing the issue in the post you end up with arguments over which gender has it worst. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'll take shaving my face, playing with guns and running the world for hundreds of years over suffering sexual harassment seen as routine, years of rubbish presents (bath salts?? I'm eight!) and bleeding from your genitals a week out of every month as some sort of bizarre punishment for not pushing a person out of 'em instead THANKS SO VERY MUCH. Plus, writing your name in the snow - cool.