Saturday, June 07, 2008

Cover versions

Thanks to Miss Schlegel for pointing this one out: a collection of fake book covers of imaginary books by a non-existent author; the literary equivalent of Mingering Mike, perhaps.


Christopher said...

Great. I looked for puns (Death at Beachy Head by Eileen Dover, etc.) and found something much more subtle. Thanks.

Miss Schlegel said...

You're welcomez!

I did plan to join in the fun by planting the occassional review — It's the thirtieth anniversary of the Contance Eakins' America. But has its nihilistic vision turned out to be less unlikely than the critics once trumpeted? Something like that, but better.

But then I remembered how lazy I am.

PS I've just noticed the legs on the Kamikaze Mountain cover! Genius!

Billy said...

This is fantastic!

Tim F said...

Christopher: Or How to Sing by Mike Rophone. (copyright Whizzer and Chips, c. 1975)

Miss S/Billy: The joy is concocting the books in your head, on the basis of the covers alone.