Saturday, October 20, 2007

All that's spoke is marr'd

In which I kick apart the hornet's nest of racial politics in an effort to destroy my least favourite Shakespeare play.

Also: can you tell a geek from a psychopath? (Thanks to Boivin for the tip.)


Anonymous said...

footman, footman, you're so gay
come again another day
up my butt or on my tray
footman, foot
all we hear is radio fuck off

Tim F said...

By their trolls thou shalt know them...

Dick Headley said...
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Geoff said...

7 out of 10. I got Son Of Sam wrong - I blame Elliott Smith.

There's nothing funnier than a white actor playing Othello with his black face running under the hot lights.

Anonymous said...

If you don't fess up pretty soon footpad i'm going to have to tell them it was you

The Shark Guys said...


I think you need to "do a Bill Maher", run up in the stands and forcibly eject these undesirables. And one would have expected a more valuable contribution from someone named "X marks the sodomite".

Sarah Silverman was in blackface for close to the entirety of this week's "The Sarah Silverman Program" (which has yet to eclipse "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" for my pick of funniest show at the moment).

She challenged a black man's assertion that being black was more of a hardship than being Jewish, and went to a makeup artist to prove her point. He did her in blackface (her character is a bit... oblivious.. licked her dog's ass in the previous episode because she wondered why he was devoting so much of his attention to it -- if that's any indication) and she went out in the world. The initial reaction on the street was negative, but soon a group rallied around her in a show of solidarity chanting (thank the Net for instant transcriptions like this):

“What do we want?”
“The freedom to explore issues of race in American culture through the use of post-modern dramatic irony.”
“When do we want it?”
“We think it’s fairly obvious.”

T'was a pretty good episode. Not quite at the level of the dog's-ass-licking one, but still better thought out than Ted Danson's roast of Whoopi Goldberg all those many years ago.

Man, I sound like a guy who watches too much American TV... And I am..

Ok, back to you hecklers.


PS - Most people seem to have scored higher than my 4/10 on that test. I thought ALL of the computer programmers were serial killers. I'm still not entirely convinced that I was wrong.

llewtrah said...

The geek/psychopath raises an interesting related issue. In this day of CCTV surveillance (over in Blighty at least), people may be judged as "actiing suspiciously". Unfortunately, some of those suspicious persons are geeks, Asperger's and autistics whose body language and behaviour doesn't conform to the norm (and these are apparently the people least likely to willingly commit a crime)

Tim F said...

Geoff: I misread that as "hot tights".

It's a fair cop, Chris, I'll go quietly.

Sarah Silverman is the Bjork of alternative comedy, Noel. People like her because she's mental and she'll beat them up if they don't.

Llewtrah: since you can be shot for getting off the bus at Brixton, realising Brixton tube is closed, then getting on another bus to Stockwell ("suspicious behaviour", according to the gunplod who shot Menezes) I can well understand how knowing what 733,652 is in hexadecimal would entitle someone to nuke your house.

llewtrah said...

In that case, a colleague who can do mental arithmetic as fast in hex as he can in decimal should have been gunned down by the Metropolitan Stormtroopers years ago. Mind you, he is really creepy. Good job he doesn't use the tube.