Wednesday, March 14, 2007

You're older now and you're a clever swine

Anyway, those nice people who do The Grauniad asked me (and quite a few other people, such as Dave H) what I'd like to happen in the next 12 months. So what did I ask for, from the Santa of Farringdon Road? World peace? Cure for AIDS? End of global warming?

Yeah, right, I said...


YTSL said...

Tim --

Since when did "Cultural Snow" become "Cosy Snow"??

patroclus said...

Oooh, two of my previously separate online spheres just collided, as a bloke I know from a forum far, far away commented on your CiF post.

I can only bear one Smiths song at a time (and usually only 'What Difference Does It Make?'), otherwise it just gets far too whiny*, so the prospect of a reunion is neither here nor there for me. But I hope you get what you wish for!

* Although I can listen to every single Elliott Smith album back to back. Go figure.

Annie said...

The only Smiths song I can tolerate is that one that rhymes "frankly" with "shankly", just because it's ridick.

And why Cosy Snow? We are dying of curiosity.

Billy said...

I like Reel Around the Fountain. I second all the cosy comments, what's going on here?

Tim F said...

Re: "Cosy Snow". Scroll down the comments for the previous post. I just had one of those "If Darren Bloggs told you to jump in a puddle would you do it?" moments. Blame that Elizabeth.

While we're at it:

1. You Just Haven't Earned It Yet, Baby
2. Handsome Devil
3. Rusholme Ruffians
4. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
5. Last Night I Dreamed That Somebody Loved Me
6. Bigmouth Strikes Again
7. London
8. What Difference Does It Make?
9. Asleep
10. Is It Really So Strange?

How are you bearing up, Patroclus? I'm so sorry. I hope James is making tea and all the necessary stuff.

Spinsterella said...

The Queen Is Dead was my first* ever album and I am equally tragically attached to them.

I like the way that most of the Cif-ers haven't bothered to read past your first sentence or so..

*Er, apart from Now That's What I Call Music Volume 2

Tim F said...

Nah, changed it back. It just looked wrong. Like that Portuguese footballer with a blond beard. And serious Brownie points for anyone that can attribute the new tag line underneath.

Yes, I noticed that, Spin. Lots of people saying I was utterly wrong, and then agreeing with me. Maybe they've got short attention spans. Maybe they're the ones who couldn't finish the Jade book...

Molly Bloom said...

Yes, yes, yes. Bring 'em back I say.

I like 'Golden Lights' - Golden Lights, displaying your name (cultural snow) Golden Lights it's a terrible shame...ooooooh, my darling...why did you go'

It's a really lovely song and less known.

Very singable songs aren't they? And why is it easier to remember their lyrics?

I often use the phrase, 'Now I know how Joan of Arc felt' when I'm feeling a bit downtrodden. And then I go off and sing it very loudly, usually in the bath.

Annie said...

best comment:

Time to appreciate JOHNNY in the now. The MODEST MOUSE album will be the album of the year. JOHNNY'S writing and playing on the record, HE HAS CO-WRITTEN ALL 14 SONGS, is up there with the best of his Smiths work.


Spinsterella said...

Bakunin? Nope. No idea.

Funny Molly, Golden Lights is my least favourite smiths song ever.

My Favourite? Oh fuck.....

I could spend weeks thinking about this.

rockmother said...

I've always liked Dagenham Dave and Hand In Glove and Meat Is Murder although I have never purchased a Smiths album nor own any of their music in any form except in my head.

Tim F said...

Oooh, Molly, sorry, I'm with Spinny on this one. 'Golden Lights' is horrid.

Annie: Yes, and the nerve of using a blog to plug a music-related product. Shame on him.

Ah, but maybe they sound better in your head, RoMo. A concept that is so fey, it could almost have appeared in a Smiths song...

Beth Roland said...

"It's the only way to be" 1976, but I did have to Wikicheck it.

patroclus said...

Thanks Tim, all is OK here, James is not only making tea but also Spanish meatballs (this is not rude), chicken stew, roast lamb, etc. In fact I don't think I've eaten so well in weeks.

Billy said...

Isn't Golden Lights Johnny Marr's least favourite Smiths song.

Can I put a vote in for Reel Around the Fountain? The inneundos are such that I'm sure I can hear the Moz's eyebrows waggling suggestively throughout.

Tim F said...

Misty: Well done. Get well soon, Tony Wilson.

Patroclus: How can Spanish meatballs not be rude?

Billy: I think you're right about GL.

And Reel Around The Fountain (the version on the first album, not Hatful of Hollow) features keyboards by Paul Carrack, who sang on The Living Years by Mike & the Mechanics.

FirstNations said...

if the smiths don't get back together, what's next for you? red austin-martin? botox? gold chains and blonde nymphets?
dear god, smiths, help this man!:)

llewtrah said...

The Smiths? Nooooo! Anything but that.

Not my bag of tea, as Billy would say.

The bands I discovered at 15 haven't stayed with me. I discovered Magnum when I was 18 and I still love their stuff and they're back together and as good as ever :) Maybe I was a late developer.

rockmother said...


I just checked my itunes - I do have Dagenham Dave - I'm going to put it on now

Tim F said...

FN: Oddly, blondes don't float my boat. (Apologies to any lovely blondes out there, but it does mean you're safe in a taxi with me.)

Llewtrah: Well, obviously, Magnum are better than The Smiths. As are Marillion. And Foreigner. And Wishbone Ash. And Mike & the Mechanics. Hey, different strokes an' all.

RoMo: Give my love to Karen and Sharon.

patroclus said...

Marillion were the first band I saw live (Aberdeen, 1988) and I loved them, I tell you. Mind you, they were the local band made good, so I sort of had to.

I discovered the Jesus and Mary Chain when I was 15, and have loved them ever since. In fact it might be time to get out 'Psychocandy' again.

Regarding hair colour, I like to think of myself as a redhead in disguise.

Tim F said...

(Suddenly looks at Patroclus in a new, and slightly unsavoury manner.)