Saturday, March 24, 2007

Strike a pose, there's nothing to it

Apparently, pie victim Anna 'Nuclear' Wintour wants to ban the use of the word "blog" on the Vogue site. Suggestions for its replacement include "bjöurnal" and (my personal favourite, for reasons that may be obvious if you look at the picture in the "ABOUT ME" bit to the right) "cenpub".

In any case, I'd like it known that from this moment on, the phrase "Anna Wintour" will not appear on Cultural Snow. And neither, for that matter, will "Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada, that's her, but they daren't admit it".


Annie said...

She obviously hasn't been following my blonk lately. I'll email her now and let her know what the official replacement is.

Annie said...

The only nourishment and nutrition people like Anna Wintour get is from food that's forcibly thrown at them. If you would stop throwing pies at her bi-annually, she'd eventually just turn to dust hahaha!

Actually, I quite admire Anna's autocratic nature. I think I will ban the word 'furlong' on my blog, because it is unattractive and I'm sure we can come up with a better one.

Lauren Weisberger cravenly included the real Anna Wintour as a character in her book as a smokescreen for 'Miranda Priestly', but no one was fooled...

Tim F said...

Ah, the two lovely Annies, coming at me from all sides, as it were.

AR: So you think she reads her own e-mails? She's so grand that the person who reads her e-mails for her has a little woman in three times a week to read the e-mails.

AS: Yes, furlong is a horror, isn't it? Whatever happened to good, old fashioned words like '220 yards'. I blame that John McCririck.

Debi said...

And 'gross' is just gross, isn't it?

Campaign now for 144.

Anonymous said...

considering some of the unweidly, vulgar and downright fugly clothes foisted on us by vogue through the years, she's got some nerve.