Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The next big thing

So, where is the rhizomatic trail of Web 2.0 going to end up next? Are we getting to the stage where if your blog hasn't made you the target of death threats, you just aren't trying hard enough? Or are we, as Michael Parsons suggests, with tongue in cheek and copy of Ubu Roi conspicuous on the coffee table, heading for the world of Jittr?

No, I'll tell you what all the beautiful broadbanders are doing these days. They're being photographed in domestic settings, reading books about morose rock bands. No, really they are.

Thank you, people. I think.


Anonymous said...

I could bore you to death. Is that enough of a threat for you?

Anonymous said...

Adds - ooooh cyberpunk! I like it. Do I need a firewire port or can I have a wireless connection? Will the antenna interfere with my hairstyle?

(GrrBlogger not letting me log in right now)

epikles said...

guessing that a 3-D live action charting of blogosphere trend chasing would look suspiciously like your average flock of pigeons on any rainy city day

Billy said...

It's Betty's fault, she suggested having a picture of me reading your book with a serious face (as opposed to all the people with the Comic Relief book, wiping tears away from their eyes, snorting at the hilarity contained therein) but in the picture I just look sleepy.

I'd be a rubbish actor.rv

Spinsterella said...

I've never had any death threats but I have been on the recieving end of a couple of nasty comments - will that do?

Off now to look up that 'rhiz' word.

(My book still hasn't arrived, but a recommendation from Murph is high praise indeed.)

amyonymous said...

i posted on Mortigi Tempo how much i liked your book. hope it gets some good attention and not too much of that dopey negative attention. they are almost all 17 year old boys on that site. but they are smart 17 year old boys!

i finished it last night (should have taken a picture of me wiping away a tear as i came to the last page). now i'm going to read it again in front of my computer, with the appropriate songs playing while i re-read each chapter.

did i mention how much i like the book?

Tim F said...

Thank you, amylola, I'm so glad you enjoy it. But maybe it would be more fun to read it with inappropriate songs. Pussycat Dolls, say.

Spinsterella said...

Mine STILL hasn't arrived.

So I still don't have the new Arcade Fire album either (I used it to get free postage).

But they're quick enough to send me an avalanche of emails telling me to buy every new indie-pop record going. Fuckers.

Valerie said...

I've managed to persuade 3 people to buy it, even though I don't have the book myself yet! So there.

But don't expect a photo of me in bed with it. I read my books in the bath and there is no way pictures of that are going on the Internet. None.

patroclus said...

Jittr is already here: