Saturday, December 16, 2006

My new favourite word


Ooh, it feels like a nice glass of Moscatel on the tongue. But don't bother to look up the meaning, it's deeply disappointing. I think there may be a metaphor for life in there somewhere, but I'm not sure what.

Elsewhere: the first sensible piece of journalism I've read about the Diana business since that Private Eye cover nine years ago; our grotesque apology for a Prime Minister gets an almighty chinning, along with his loathesome catamites, from the increasingly glorious Marina Hyde; and on a happier note, the mighty Patroclus is now officially a blue-chip bluestocking and smartypants, and is entitled to patronise Melvyn Bragg in public places.


Anonymous said...

Yes, definitely a metaphor for this sorry world.
The Hyde piece is very good, let's hope she's right about Blair getting his collar felt.
Up before the beak with him (there's always been a Jack Wilde influence to my rock music).
Patronising Melvyn Bragg should be encouraged, I reckon.

patroclus said...

I don't know who Jack Wilde is, but 'hauled before the beak' is one of my favourite phrases in the English language.

Tim Footman said...

You've been in your ivory tower too long, P. "Wot, fisticuffs?"

orange anubis said...

It seems criminal to invent such a word and make no reference at all to fruit sugar.

If you form a Marina fan club I'll join it; I'd be outing myself as a Grauniad geek if I said I remembered her as an unseen researcher/occasional stand-in on the Diary, so I won't.

Billy said...

Catamite is my new favourite word.

Marina Hyde rules, I'm glad to have that confirmed. Again.

Anonymous said...

Surely Blair is already Bush's catamite.

Tim Footman said...

Marina's the hard, slightly mad girl you fancied at university, but were too scared of to approach. Pity she's got such dire taste in men.

Fruit sugars and catamites. This is turning into a Derek Jarman movie, and a good thing too.

Anonymous said...

"Wot, fisticuffs?" Classic stuff.
I seem to have placed an unwarranted 'e' onto Mr Wild's name ... that common mistake, confusing Jack Wild for Oscar Wilde.
Catamite, fine word ... the acme of decadence ... "I afraid I can't attend your little soiree, I'm simply too busy flogging my catamite".

That could get to be a new buzz phrase ...things are going a little bit Jarman.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine exchanged rather a long correspondance with Derek Jarman in Latin, can't remember why now.

Spinsterella said...

A friend of mine exchanged rather a long correspondance with Derek Jarman in Latin>>

Bloody hell.

Most of my friends can't even spell in English.

And yes, I'm a bit of a Marina fan too. I suppose it's only fair to admit that they're not all like that hopeless tornado-hell woman and good old Mary D.

Anonymous said...

My word for today is Artmedia Bratislava.

I know that technically it's two words but if you type it very fast....

More of a Mark Lester man myself, Tim.

Tim Footman said...

Anthony: Jack Wilde. It's what the rentboys did.

Doc: Don't forget that Jarman managed to convince the jurors that an erect penis was art, because it was in Latin. Mel Gibson pulled off (sorry, this is degenerating into wank-related double entendre city) a similar stunt a little later, but there was less bumming.

Spin: God, I'd forgotten Mary D (and JSP and YAL... when shall we three make tits of ourselves again....)

Lucien: Gotta love a football team that doubles as a graphic design company.