Saturday, July 01, 2006

From our Middle East correspondent

The Israeli authorities have expelled four Hamas representatives from Jerusalem.

One of the banished MPs, Mohammed Abu Tir (above), told Cultural Snow:

"Sure an' oi'll go back to me little house under de toadstool in aul' Galway with me little shroine to Roy Keane, an' if ye rub me tummy t'ree toimes oi'll cast me ancient spells against the infidel agents of fascist Zionism, insha'Allah, so it is."

P.S. Of course, if I'd actually been fully awake when I first posted this, I could have come up with some wonderfully erudite Hibernian pun about Tir na nOg.

But I wasn't.

So I didn't.


patroclus said...

It was pretty good all the same, Tim. Made me laugh.

To me, Tir Na nOg will always be an early ZX Spectrum game, in which one could wander along streets and paths, thrusting grass, feldspar and all manner of other items the thrusting of which would not normally occur to one to undertake in the 'real' world.

Billy said...


Tim Footman said...

Another one.

kek-w said...

Genius. All he needs is a white shamrock on his hat.