Thursday, July 13, 2006

Don't believe the Web

I just found something slightly bizarre in the Oasis entry on the respected Allmusic site. (Scroll down a little until you get to the list headed "Performed songs by".)

If we can assume that there's some logic behind the ordering of the list, my own authorial contribution to the Reality Show Rutles would appear to be less significant than that of Noel Gallagher or Lennon-McCartney (fair enough) but bigger than that of Gary Glitter or Slade. Or, indeed, Liam.

(There is a mundane explanation for this, and no, it doesn't mean that I have massive royalty cheques rolling in every quarter. Such is life.)


Billy said...

Tim Footman. Genre: Rock.

patroclus said...

That's a bit generalist, isn't it? Couldn't we have 'Tim Footman. Genre: Gospel-Tinged Indie-Pop', or something?

Nice to see that you're a number as well as a free man, though, Tim.

Actually, are you a 'free man'?

Oh, why must I turn everything into an academic debate?

Spinsterella said...

Um, can you explain please?

Anonymous said...

Mundane expanation it might be, but until I hear it I'm still quite impressed.

It's the musical equivalent of getting yourself an entry on the IMDB, really, isn't it?

Tim Footman said...

Not even that good, I'm afraid. I wrote the script for an audio biography of Oasis. Some daft twunt at AMG classified it as being 'by' Oasis. Since I had the writing credit on that, by their warped logic, Oasis have performed my material.

As have Madonna, Nick Cave, Morrissey and the Beach Boys, among others.

By all rights I should be living in a big house in the Hollywood Hills, like the one Peter Fonda's got in The Limey.

Annie said...

Hilarious! I would frame it and hang it on the wall.

Tim Footman said...

The one I should have framed came from the time when a book I edited was listed alongside a volume by Stuart Pearce. Someone cocked up the credits, so we got the entry: Psycho: The Autobiography, by Tim Footman

Molly Bloom said...

I love it. You are truly a star. I think you should have a permanent link on your sidebar. We need to know more about these projects you're involved in.

I know what you mean about royalties though...I, too should be rich. A band that I used to be in...stole loads of my songs and put them on a CD. They've got their music out there now and I'm getting buggery squit. But...what annoys me most is the fact that they have their own plastic separation 'grey thing' in HMV - I want that more than anything. That's kudos.

I think you should contact that site and get them to link back here.

Billy said...

I have several plastic separaters in hmv with my name on, I just have scratch off the Joel, Holliday, Piper or Bonnie Prince bits.

Tim Footman said...

Molly: That's so sweet of you, but I'm not a star. I always think of myself as one of life's bass players (but not a brilliant one like Bernard Edwards or Hooky - more Andy Rourke).

It's a few years since I've really done anything I want to scream about, but I'm working on a project now that will definitely start to figure on the blog soon, don't you worry.

Billy: Please don't post when I'm drinking warm beverages. It's murder on my keyboard.

Molly Bloom said...

Billy - that is so funny.