Wednesday, March 15, 2006

They pogo in the bedroom

Mighty peculiar article by Michael Gove in The Times, in which he identifies himself as an instinctive punk. Those who remember his appearances on Channel 4's bizarre early-90s comedy/comment hybrid A Stab In The Dark, where his buttoned-up pinstripes contrasted with David Baddiel's shambolic ennui and Tracey Macleod's dominatrix sarcasm, might beg to differ. Gove also outs fellow Times hack and Tory Matthew Parris as a McLarenista; this doesn't quite ring true, as Parris was allegedly removed as presenter of LWT's Weekend World because he was "too nice". On the other hand, he did once send me a letter claiming that in his first year at Cambridge he'd joined the Labour, Liberal and Conservative clubs. Which is either a definitive case of trying to suck up to the established order, whatever form it might take; or a subtle dig at conventional notions about ideology, an ironic inversion of a plague o' both your houses. I'm not sure which.


Robert A. Swipe said...

Mary Ann Seighart??

Three letters away from the best punk name ever, eh Tim?

Love on y'all,


NUA said...

It would seem we share some aspects of humour. Could you link to my blog ? I will reciprocate when I can work out how it's done. This is all very new to me...

Tim Footman said...

Quite so. Check out The Gallows, people, which is indeed a giggle, although defaming the memory of the God Peelie is perhaps an iconoclasm too far.

As for sorting out links etc, it took me a good while to suss them out too. Really can't get to grips with this information superhighway stuff... still don't really get this tagging/meme thing that Curve talks about... aye, it were all fields round here, and you could get in to see Freddie and t'Dreamers for a farthing...

Sorry. Links. Well, not being on Typepad, I'm not sure of the specifics in your case, but there's a Templates option in the innards of Blogger, that allows you to fiddle with the overall look of your page. You can use HTML tags to flag up sites you like. Does Typepad have something similar? Don't worry, I only worked this out by looking at what was already there on the default template, and seeing what code was attached to the appropriate bits.

Can any Typepad people out there give NUA a leg-up here? And thanks for dropping by, NUA. See, Bob, it's not just us out here after all.

NUA said...

Yes, I thought it was bit too much as well. My hand is guided by other forces it would seem. Maybe JP himself in this case, after so much pleasantness in all media.
Thanks for the tips. The whole blog thing is a t once easier and more brain bending than I thought. I shall do my best (and worst).
Cheers !!