Thursday, March 23, 2006

Love me, love my blog

Following on from what I posted a few weeks ago, about bloggers seeking validation in the form of analogue success, here's a piece in Newsday that seems to back me up, although the sample seems to be exclusively made up of Americans.

"They [bloggers] often revel in their outsider status, taking pride in the snark and attitude of their postings. So it is perhaps ironic (but bloggers tend to like irony) that beneath the ultra-cool surface you're likely to find scribblers yearning to reach you the old-school way, from a TV screen or from between the covers of a book."

"Snark"? "Ultra-cool"? Jesus...

"'Every so-called professional blogger I know wants to work for print,' says Melissa Lafsky, 27, a lawyer whose popular blog at led to her finding a book agent, quitting her big law-firm job and starting a novel based on her blog. 'There's still that desire for legitimacy. I'll admit it: I'll feel like a real writer when I have something published in print. 'Til then, I feel I'm faking it. Most bloggers I've talked to feel the same way.'"

Maybe what she means is, she'll feel like a real writer when she gets paid for it.


Robert A. Swipe said...


I often feel like a real writer myself. Sadly though, Rowan Pelling isn't of the same mind.

The bitch.


Tim Footman said...

And while we're on the subject of lusting after unattainable, clever women, doesn't "Melissa Lafsky" sound like the sort of woman who'd do a whip-off-the-specs-and-shake-down-the-hair-but-Miss-Jones-you're-beautiful thing?