Saturday, March 04, 2006

Coming along nicely

The Go! Team: Thunder, Lightning, Strike (Memphis Industries, 2005)

Apologies to those of you for who've known about these guys for aeons, but this album is as mad as a box of hyperactive cane toads and rather more nutritious.

Banjos! Bass harmonicas! Strings! Shouting! What more could you ask for? 'Hold Yr Terror Close' possesses that Moe Tucker pout that the Moldy Peaches always seem to be aiming for, while 'Feelgood By Numbers' is Vince Guaraldi reincarnated in Brighton. 'Everyone's A V.I.P. To Someone' is simply swoonsome, there's no other word. The whole package sounds like the Portsmouth Sinfonia playing 'Reward' by The Teardrop Explodes while The Langley Schools Music Project interjects the "hai! hai!" bit from 'Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots pt. 1' by The Flaming Lips. Or, to take it to another level, the brass band on 'Jugband Blues' from Pink Floyd's 'Saucerful Of Secrets' copping a feel off the people who yell "SOUL FINGER!!!" on 'Soul Finger' by the Bar-Kays.

Which can only be a good thing, surely?

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