Thursday, June 02, 2022

Not about the Jubilee

No, I will not be indulging in bunting-related shenanigans over this inordinately extended weekend, and not just because even Radio 4 has taken to calling the whole thing “PLATTY JUBES”. Instead, here are two things that have amused me recently. First, Jacques Derrida playing cricket.

And then this, which may or may not be sincere: 


Roger Allen said...

Jacques Derrida playing French cricket, surely.

Sterculian Rhetoric said...

The elderly gentleman is not actually playing cricket, now is he?
No he is not.
He is merely demonstrating how "The Don" Bradman would clear his hotel room of Kathoeys after an "inordinately extended weekend (1)" of ANZAC debauchery in Pattaya.
A sticky wicket indeed.

(1) Doncha just love adverb/adjective/noun concatenates?