Saturday, August 04, 2012

#London2012: regarding the keirin

I’ve just realised that in the midst of the most spectacular sporting event to grace my native land since they cancelled We Are The Champions, I’ve written three blog posts about the opening ceremony and precisely none about the actually running and jumping and throwing and all that malarkey. You see, when healthy lads of my age were glued to Grandstand and World of Sport, or out in the park trying to emulate Kevin Keegan or Brendan Foster, I’d be stuck in my bedroom using the continuous paper my dad brought back from work to recreate in prose form the dystopic sci-fi that dominated my imagination and TV viewing.

So while I have the deepest respect and admiration for plucky Victoria Pendleton and her success in the keirin yesterday, I have to admit that to me, this is not so much a sport, more a combination of 




broken biro said...

Ha ha! That last picture is from the classic 'Phantom of the Paradise' isn't it! Hmmm... A Phantom of the Olympic Games would be worth considering.

Apparently the Keirin is 'big in Japan'.

Tim F said...

Well the Phantom of the current Olympics is clearly Ken Livingstone, BB. He's hovering somewhere in the eaves of the velodrome, muttering “Let me have a go on the zip wire... please...”