Monday, December 19, 2011

That was the year that was

One of the five or six people left behind at the BBC after the move to Salford asked me quite some time ago whether 2011 was One Of Those Big News Years. Here’s what I said, even though both Vaclav Havel and Kim Jong-Il were ill-mannered enough to croak the wrong side of my deadline.

PS: Actually, I was wrong. It was 1848.


Valerie said...

A nice (in both the modern and antique senses of the word) assessment. And I don't think I'd have thought of the year that way if you hadn't brought it all together like that. I appear to be living in the moment a great deal.

Dave said...

Surely it's 'AN historical event', not 'a historical event'?

Dave said...

I expect that's down to a BBC sub-editor.

Anonymous said...

2011 was the year that Vile Bodies arrived in the post and I began reading it.

Yes - it is great. There's even a Mrs Blackwater in it.

Not to mention Fanny Throbbing and the rest of them.

I'm in your debt for directing me this way.

Tim F said...

As ever, it's my perspective, Valerie. But I keep kicking myself about things I've missed out, mostly cricket-related.

I think BBC style suggests "a", Dave. Opinion is divided in editorial circles; I'd accept either, provided one is consistent.

So glad, BWT. Had forgotten Mrs Blackwater and the sal volatile.

broken biro said...
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broken biro said...

Interesting article, Tim. Perhaps this was the year the lines of the news boundaries really blurred.

It feels to me like a big year for news with having started the Poetry24 news-related poetry blog - which has probably skewed my views to some degree. Our top two stories (in terms of number of poems received on one subject) were the Arab Spring and, bizarrely, the Occupy protests!

All the best for 2012!!