Thursday, January 06, 2011

Jammy Helen Mirren there we were, Charles Frith and me, lounging in Bed Supperclub, watching the floor show (gymnasts, gay pharaohs, a surveyor in teeny hotpants, King Kong), debating whether gorgonzola tart really classifies as a pudding and discussing hallucinogens and religion and search engine optimisation and I pondered the number of people who come to this blog on the promise of underclad images of three specific ladies, Charlotte Rampling in particular and whether they were more significant than adding catnip keyboards like *bosoms!* *bottoms!* *extreme  sexy rudeness with bosoms and bottoms!!!* and for some reason we decided that the most tempting come-on would be the three-word phrase at the top of this post. So there.

But then I received an e-mail from my dad asking why I had yet to commemorate the passing of Pete Postlethwaite, custodian of the finest cheekbones in the business, so here’s a little something that probably won’t grab so much traffic but hey, ultimately, who’s counting?


Charles Edward Frith said...

The lamp chops were ace.

Morton Shadow said...

Most hits I ever got was for this piece of lit crit:

(...although why on earth it was coming up on a google search for 'Spinsterella+titclamp', I've no idea...)


wrod vrec: obamissp - mind boggles...

Annie said...

That's cheating!

I get most searches on old blog for "Are writers sexy?" "Writers are sexy" "Sexy writers" etc. (I like to think it's mainly Martin Amis trying to reassure himself)

Aw. I used to see PP around town because his agent was next door to my office.

Anonymous said...

Nurses uniforms seems to be a biggie with me.
Must try Jammy Helen Mirren soon.

E. Studnicka said...

One of the many reasons I love your blog is the fact that you can talk about extreme sexy rudeness with bosoms and bottoms and the death of Pete Postlethwaite in the same post. My hat is off to you, my friend.
Just for the record, people have ended up at my blog in search of...

Edith Piaf

Friendships that can survive anything

Brad Barry's Stomach

Wine aroma air raider

James Badge Dale

Denmark Tourism

Tim F said...

The ones with cappers, Charles?

Ouch, technicolor Courier, Mort.

Annie, writers are sexy.* Who needs Google to know that?

Try it, BWT. Sure she'd be game.

Thank you MWB. But James Badge Dale? I prefer Kenneth Brooch Williams myself.

* Except Martin Amis, obviously.