Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lost Symbollocks

First mainstream media mention of my Noughties book, in the midst of Andrew Collins’s witty yet thoughtful analysis of Dan Brown's lasting appeal.

PS: It would appear that the current definition of an intellectual - or perhaps "a so called interllectual" - is someone who doesn't think TDVC is very good.


Geoff said...

I'm not one for puzzles. I'm interested in his Elton John-Lite albums, though.

garfer said...

I can't remember them. Thanks for reminding me.

Dan is top: he did 'it was a dark and stormy night'.

Kudos, and he got paid.

Morton Shadow said...

“There was something about The Da Vinci Code that seemed to capture the decade’s sense of fear and paranoia; the sense that things were not quite as they ought to be.”

Quite so. I always got the same sense reading Istvanski's blog...probably all those pictures of Neil Warnock....

Personally, I don't think Andrew Collins actually exists. He's just 'rubber-faced' 'comedian' Rowan Atkinson with his face turned inside out for even greater comic effect. (Still not very funny, obviously, but preferable to Mr. Bean.....Just)


Rog said...

How does Andrew Collins quote a book that hasn't been published yet?

I smell a conspiracy....

(WV= knightsofstgeorge OMG!!!)

Steerforth said...

Andrew Collins' article is almost as long as Dan Brown's book.

Tim F said...

Geoff: Elton John lite sounds like low-fat water.

But is it really only about the money, Garfer? No, don't answer that.

When someone called Morton Shadow questions your existence, you know you're in trouble.

He just guessed, Rog.

But I bet he got paid less, Steerforth.