Saturday, April 18, 2009

The wane of wax

Celebrated Record Store Day with a farewell trip to Beanos in Croydon, which is closing down and reinventing itself as an indoor market of some description. I've long had a soft spot for Beanos because it's where we got most of the vinyl that powered the jukebox we hired for our wedding in 2000 (the biggest single expense of the day, as far as I recall).

As I suggested a few weeks ago, with reference to Bangkok bookshops, it's difficult to assess a product's popularity by its presence or absence in a second-hand shop. If the five-for-a-quid rack contains, for example, several copies of 'Love Your Sexy...!!' by Byker Grooove, it might suggest that nobody wants it - but it also reminds us that someone once did.

I didn't buy it, but I did buy this:

(And no, I know it's not Coldcut.)


Istvanski said...

Beano's has been 'closing down' for years. It's hard to get rid of a well loved establishment.

Fat Roland said...

Great track. Of course, most people now realise Kennedy was a total clotting twazmuppet.

Oh hold on. I'm thinking of Bush.

Tim F said...

They seem to be serious this time, Istvanski - they've stopped buying new stock. A slightly pissed man brought in a Spandau Ballet cassingle while I was there, but was spurned.

FR, if you shot W in the brain, would he even notice?