Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Thom’s Thomism

Just to note that Radiohead and Philosophy is now available from Amazon in the UK (and presumably in bookshops and libraries and things).


Unknown said...

I hope that book is better than its product description implies. Have you read it (the book, I mean, not the awful description)?

W said...

Brandon Forbes?

Am I missing something?

Chris said...

That is quite an agressive description. I don't think it is possible for there to be an 'only band that matters' - bands need other bands in order to matter.

Tim F said...

I've read the book, Bureauista, but not the description, until you pointed it out. Hmmm.

He's the editor, Wastrel. I have a chapter.

Very true, Chris. Even Radiohead fans need Coldplay for Radiohead to be better than.

amyonymous said...

And they need U2 so people can say U2 is better than Radiohead and then I can roll my eyes and walk away from such inane statements.

(should that be "U2 ARE better?" The Brits do it different from us Americans; I've noticed this while reading British music mags.)