Monday, November 24, 2008

Abuse your delusion

So have you got yours yet? Your copy of Chinese Democracy, of course, the long awaited Guns N' Roses album that's been long awaited by everyone who makes a habit of waiting a long time for long-awaited Guns N' Roses albums...

More eagerly anticipated guitar heroics, and Nabokov and Jerry Lewis, here.


Dick Headley said...

I admit to eagerly anticipating the Nabokov novel. His son Dimitri has already described it as 'shocking' in parts. Just finding out what he regards as shocking should be worth the price of entry.

I tend to agree about the squawking Mr. Rose. His friend Sebastian Bach has described the album as 'fucking epic' and the Chinese government is already upset...still not quite enough to get me going somehow.

Geoff said...

I'm awaiting The Avalanches follow up.

Brian Wilson's Smile is unnerving.

Sorry, that should be "Brian Wilson's smile is unnerving."

The album's just not very good.

Tim F said...

Dick: Sebastian Bach was put on this earth to make us think Axl is an OK bloke by comparison.

Geoff: God, I'd completely forgotten the Avalanches. And which album's not very good?

Fat Roland said...

I didn't realise Nabokov was at it too. Yeesh. Maybe it works better with books.

Chinese Democracy is a car crash. I hated Second Coming. And who can forget Free As A Bird?

Crikes. When I become famous for my, erm, many talents, remind me to do a Richey after about three years.

Unknown said...

Judging from the album cover, it appears that someone, somewhere was well aware of the dismal quality of the album and tried pulling out all the plugs (as it were) in order to guarantee at least some initial, aesthetic popularity before reality finally caught up with the hype. Here’s hoping that they were at least able to pay the studio(s).