Thursday, May 15, 2008

New musical ellipse

I can never remember if I'm behind the loop or outside the curve, but suffice to say that if there's something conceptual, Zeitgeisty and sort-of-oval-shape-ish, I'm almost certainly somewhere else. The only way I might get a vague idea of the sort of thing to which today's young persons might be frugging in their discotheques is if I chance upon a copy of NME from the week before last, but even then it's just full of people with too much eye makeup, shouting, which is of course precisely the way it's always been, and should be, but in the olden days they were shouting to/at me. Or at least I thought they were.

So I'm slightly confused at the cover story of the most recent copy to tumbleweed its way in my general direction. It endeavours to identify The Future 50: The bands, artists and innovators driving music forward. Shouldn't it be packed with people that I've never heard of, making noises I don't understand? You would have thought. But not only does the Top 10 encompass such gummy old farts as Radiohead, Damon Albarn and Rick Rubin; a little further down the list, at number 38, we find the guitarist for 80's Mackem agit-soul combo The Kane Gang.

Next week, Roger Whittaker goes grime.

Also... from the splendid Stuff White People Like: "Don’t worry, it is impossible for a white person to turn down the opportunity to proofread."


Betty said...

The NME has been out of touch with cutting edge music for ages now. I'm never sure if it's pretending to appeal to young people while really trying to keep on board *middle youthers* (er, old people) who liked The Smiths or Blur but want to find out what they're supposed to be listening to now.

I managed to see about two seconds of that Kane Gang video before realising the error of my ways. Phew, lucky escape!

Love that Stuff White People Like post. Dodgy commenters, though.

Dick Headley said...

Ever seen this lot?. Not a bad night out. They're from Akron Ohio but they do a good Scouse accent.

Billy said...

I clicked on that Roger Whitaker link. I don't know why

Billy said...

Not related to the post, but I thought you might like this

Tim F said...

Betty: I think some of the commenters have just Googled 'I only like white people' and ended up there.

Dick: Do you reckon anybody has ever bought a Hofner violin bass for any reason other than to be Macca in a tribute band?

Billy: You love Roger Whitaker. You want to marry him. And the graph is fab. I'm sure that's how Moz worked out the lyrics.

Geoff said...

I used to think Roger Whitaker was from the same area as the Kane Gang.

I'm gonna leave old Durham town.

I was officially too old for the NME at the age of 34. Still too young for Uncut, though.