Friday, March 07, 2008

Delayed gratification

I've just written a rather good post, if I say so myself, but I reckon it will be more relevant in a couple of months' time. By which time I'll have realised it's a pile of arse, probably.

Which leaves me with sod-all to write about, really. My mojo's handed in his notice; my muse says she's got a headache. Meme? Can't be arsed. YouTube? Oh, go on then.

Have a good weekend, people.


Billy said...

I've long tried to model myself on Eno, but I fear it is a lost cause.

What is the drummer wearing?

dh said...

Very good that. I used to go to dances at the RCA when the likes of Pretty Things were playing. (God you're old Dick)

bye bye bellulah said...

Oo, if I was a gay man, dammit, a man, I'd so do Bryan Ferry in that video.

Robert Swipe said...

Well Tim, I'm lost as to what's made me happiest today - Pompey's fantabulous victory at Old Trafford, watching that Roxy clip or being moved from the 'Deceased' to the 'When he's not muntering' file....

In fact, the only thing that could possibly exceed that trinity of ecstacy would be something completely outlandish and fantastical happening, like.....oh, I don't know....a Tim Footman review of 'Madcap in the Attic', for example...

Play up Pompey!!


p.s. say they go on and win it, does that mean we're in for another world war....??

Tim Footman said...

The drummer is wearing a sequinned tank-top, Billy, which is rather more sensible than the leopardskin off-the-shoulder number he often sported at the time. What can I say, it was the 70s.

I like the Pretty Things, Dick, but I suspect Phil May's lustrous locks would have difficulty luring the theoretically gay male Bellulah away from Mr Ferry.

And who'd have thought that Sol and Kanu would offer better value than Ashley Cole, Bob? Retard In The Loft is on my list, but having a little local difficulty with iTunes. Not sure whether it's a repeat of the YouTube thing or what, but as soon as its resolved, an appraisal will be forthcoming.

(Although actually hearing the album isn't a prerequisite to reviewing it of course...)

Robert Swipe said...

...well, in this case Tim ,it's certainly preferable.

I think you should quit while you're ahead - the above, 'Shit Sandwich' style dismissal of someone else's hard work is more than adequate comment from the mainstream media, thank you.

I used to have a laser-etched single by the Black Crowes. I only bought it for the unusual format, you understand... never played it of course. I was worried I'd set light sabres off or something...

Let's hope Pompey do a Spinny....


Istvanski said...

"...sod-all to write about?"

Whadya mean?
If you were short on a topic I could've suggested one.

How about "Anne Robinson: Collar & Cuffs or hideous fake?"

Store it for a rainy day.

St. Anthony said...

Sheer genius ... if only the future had actually been like this.