Monday, March 24, 2008

Billy took a walk

OK, call off the search parties, crack open the WKD and cheesy poofs. The Shannon Matthews of the blogosphere has been found safe and well under a bed here.


Annie said...

I feel totally abandoned by all these people moving to wordpress. Blah.

Ha, I've just noticed your comment after the link to me in your blonk-roll. It really is true!

Garth said...

Experts say it's unusual for them to be found alive after two days.

Billy said...

If I'm like Shannon Matthews does that mean the Daily Mail are going to publish a slurry of articles accusing my mum of being evil/a slut?

FirstNations said...

he was underneath the base of a divan sleeper all this time? see, i leave for four fricken' days and the WHOLE WORLD just goes straight to hell.
welcome back billy. now go back to being the Harvey Pekar of blogging, theres a good fella.

Tim F said...

I think Blogger is like vinyl records, Annie R. It has a reality that transcends the seductive glitz of Wordpress. Crackle and scratch!

Who says he's alive, PI?

No, Billy. There will just be snide remarks about you not being as pretty as Spinsterella. Or even LC.

In fact, FN, he was under a futon, which is a much harder stunt to pull off.

The Mistress said...

Billy has a smarter footwear collection than any of us.

I've just noticed the comment next to me in your blogroll... do you have a problem with naked men Hoovering?

llewtrah said...

To be Shannon he has to have an ebil kiddy-pr0n downloading stepfather and a wikkid chld-abducting uncle!