Friday, July 20, 2007

You want some?

In which I remind my fellow contributors to Comment is Free (especially the handsome chap pictured above) that they don't have to take nasty comments lying down.


Geoff said...

Just a shame that Mike got comments. I know they were all taking the piss out of him but he'd probably think that was because the commenters are all Guardian readers.

I'd like to send Mike on a holiday to Westworld, just him and the robots. No human interaction whatsoever.

"Would you like to hear my new song, guys?"

Betty said...

I actually feel sorry for the commenters who've slagged off Mike "I'm Backing Boris!!!!!!!!!" Read.

They'll probably each receive a personal visit from Mike's frightening stalker, Blue Rose Tulip Read. A fate worse than death.

Billy said...

That Mike Read article's comments are brilliant.

Tim Footman said...

But Mike is one of the robots, Geoff. Look at his face. It's clearly detachable.

It's a little known fact that Read is actually stalking Blue Tulip, Betty. But it's for charidee and he doesn't like to talk about it.

I'm thinking of turning them into a blook, Billy. It's highly feasible.