Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Like The Clangers

As a welcome distraction from trolls, MySpacer Jillio (a serious Radioheadhead, it would appear) describes Welcome to the Machine as "weird, yet strangely comforting at times", which is lovely to hear. Thank you, Jillio.


S said...

Everytime I read your self confessed 'unabashed self-promotion' posts about this book, I think to myself I really should get a copy of this book. I feel I am near to tipping point.

clodhopper said...

the zeitgeist deconstructed....see what you think Tim....if by some oriental magic you can listen to R4 FM

Off The Page
Wednesday 18 July 2007 13:30-14:00 (Radio 4 FM)

Repeated: Sunday 22 July 2007 23:00-23:30 (Radio 4 FM)

don't think it's on listen again tho.

Tim F said...

I'd hate to think anyone 'should' read it, James. Makes it sound like 'improving literature'.

I heard it yesterday, Clod. A bunch of clever people talking about stuff. Used to be what R4 was all about...