Sunday, July 15, 2007

Turn it off again

The return of Genesis fills me with ennui and despair on a number of counts. The classic five-piece line-up embodied some of the worst, most self-indulgent attitudes of 70s prog rock, but at least they had, in Peter Gabriel, a frontman who was prepared to make an absolute pillock of himself in the name of entertainment. Very few of today's so-called pop stars dress as daisies for the delight of the punters, and the music world is poorer for it. But we're not even graced with that version. We have the efficient, sensible, blokey, non-floral, roll-up-your-jacket-sleeves-and-look-slightly-earnest three-piece, with Phil bloody Collins on vocals. It's like the return of Roxy Music without their only certified genius, Brian Eno (although I'm sure Bob Swipe will now weigh in with his pungent defence of the Avalon years).

In any case, I thought this Genesis Lite had been banished to the deepest reaches of Hades when Patrick Bateman, the Alan Partridge of Wall Street, declared himself to be a fan of the band (along with Whitney Houston and Huey Lewis & the News). So, good news for wannabe serial killers with rigorous skincare routines everywhere.


Valerie said...

I'll weigh in — I love Avalon — but no one would say it was the same band without Eno. I feel quite a bit less accepting about Genesis-sans-Gabriel, as I find Phil Collins mostly revolting. Always liked Rutherford, but Collins loomed over the band, sprinkling crap liberally across its stew. Oh, that's a yucky image, why did I say it. I haven't heard their post-Collins stuff...

llewtrah said...

A guy once tried to impress me by playing me the complete works of Genesis (complete to that point in time). It was aversion therapy! I dislike Genesis and I didn't go out with the guy.

Tim F said...

I think it's customary at this point to mention that Mr Collins is quite a good drummer.

Betty said...

Like Llewtrah, I went through Genesis aversion therapy, but in my case it was due to the boys in the upper sixth form playing The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway every bloody day for two years in the school common room.

(ooh, get me with my talk of "upper sixth form" and "common room", as if I went to the kind of school that would feature in an Angela Brasil book. It was only a bogstandard comprehensive.)

West said...

"...although I'm sure Bob Swipe will now weigh in with his pungent defence of the Avalon years)."

Well, it ain't their best Tim, right enough, but it still beats the shit out of "Pablo Honey". Anyopne can play guitar? Fuck off.

Which reminds me, have you managed to have a listen to Pyjamarama yet, Timster???

Have we managed to offload anymore of our discards to the Pompey Scummer yet? I'd have thought you'd have snapped up Freddie L and his 70 grand a week bonnet budget. Unless I'm much mistaken T, you now only need Edu and Pires for a complete set of the Intouchables...

L.U.V. on ya,


p.s. any word from Spinny?

West said...

Oh and btw, Valerie:

"...please - it *never* could work out..."

L.U.V. on ya,


Tim F said...

I think you mean Year 13, Betty. That's what ver kidz call it.

And yes, I did my Roxy homework, Bob. Still reckon they fell to bits after the third album. As for Pompey, I'm saying nuffink until plod leaves.