Friday, August 04, 2006

Telly addicts

Nuzzling gently against Molly's d*mb*ng d*wn comment on the previous post: from a BBC story about mini-motorbikes:

Sheila Lomas, 49, from Cheadle, said reckless mini-moto riders raced across the park near her home. "They are just so noisy and there is no let-up from it," she told BBC News. "When it's hot we cannot have the windows open because we cannot hear the television."

Meanwhile, Filmcritic offers the 50 best movie endings of all time; Seth Godin's 19 tips for promoting your book; Andy Partridge of XTC describes the experience of listening to Beefheart's Trout Mask Replica as "like being trapped in a mad, giant watch"; and the US Treasury Secretary has declared that the main threats to the country's economy are ill people, poor people and ill, poor people. Glad that's sorted out.

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Molly Bloom said...

Moving back into popular culture with a massive splash........*Splash!*....that movie ending thing was great reading. I was looking for my favourites. I do think 'Don't Look Now' is a classic. And when I went to Venice (I'd like to say that it was for cultural reasons but I won the holiday in a competition about 'Death In Venice')there were so many frightening children in red coats that I think it had to be staged. But everyone I meet thinks that the red coated beast is frightening...I think it's quite funny. A bit like Edith Massey in fact. But, maybe that's something wrong with my psyche. 'Being there' is a really fine film too. Have you seen it?

I do think Beefheart is great. Trapped in a mad, giant watch? Well...I found it more like Big Ben. Great stuff.