Monday, August 14, 2006


Despite mainstream America's gratitude for everything "we" (!!???) are doing to help them with The War On Abstract Nouns (which currently seems to consist of converting Prestwick Airport into a filling station for the USAF), many in that great nation still seem to be a little confused as to who this Tony Blair guy is.

Well, we now have a user-friendly analogy, and one that might serve as Tony's political obituary. Mr Blair is Britain's answer to Joe Lieberman.

PS: Iran's comedy President has a blog. It's meant to have an English translation, but I can't find it. Maybe some Jews stole it, to use in their Satanic mass. Anyway, add him to your blogroll, people; I think, deep down, he just needs a little love. And grooming tips.

PPS: Just done 2,000 words on 'Climbing Up The Walls'. With nods to Hitchcock, Baudrillard, Joseph Conrad, Megan's Law, the Everly Brothers, the independence of East Timor, Astrud Gilberto and Fight Club. As Kevin Spacey said: "I rule."


treespotter said...

the english version is there, click the weird flag (looks like a bastard between Starbanner+Englishcross). go check, it writes english right to left.

i'm curious on the article of east timor independence. any chance to read it?

Billy said...

Is Climbing Up the Walls the one where they 'play' radios. If so I hope you mentioned John Cage.

I'm off to add the Iranian guy to my blogroll.

BEAST said...

Ha Ha Ha working for a large US Corperate as I do , as a nation they seem to be somewhat confused about everything .
I dailed into a conference call in New York the other day , introduced myself and my location.
Beast from England
I was promptly welcomed and congratulated on my mastery of english.

HELLO.... the clue was in my location...Dumbasses!!!

Spinsterella said...

Just googled 'climbing up the walls'- it's 'The people's Radiohead site'. Oh god. You poor man. No wonder you got distracted by East Timor.

When I worked in the US I had a lot of people tell me that I spoke really good English for an Irish person.

Tim Footman said...

Tree: Every time I go back to that site, it's different. The flag thing wasn't there yesterday. I blame that Mossad. Anyway, clicked on the flag, and nothing happened. Will be back.

The Timor thing is just a brief mention in a much broader piece about a particular song. Happy to send you the chapter once it's tidy, Tree. Remind me.

Billy: That's the one. However, they don't do the radio thing on the album version, which is what I was writing about. Got a whole separate section about live treatments.

Beast: I do think it's interesting that we've got a global conflict over, essentially, the rightness or wrongness of the ideas of the Englightenment; but a good chunk of the population of the country leading the pro-Enlightenment side has got a pre-Renaissance mind-set. And, no, this isn't Yank-bashing, and I know there are lots of very clever Americans, but maybe they could be allowed to run the country rather than just writing articles for Harper's and the NYRB?

Spin: But all Americans are half-Irish! Although when you delve into their roots, they turn out to be Ulster Scots. (They're the ones at the NYC St Paddy's Parade, singing 'The Sash'.)

tom l said...

Is that for real? weird. If you add a comment to Ahmadenijad's blog, would the CIA take note? Anyway, my headline of the day is "Bush says Israel defeated Hezbollah". Well, heck, if he says so, it must be so ...

Spinsterella said...

"I blame that Mossad."


Also like Billy calling our Mahmoud "the Iranian guy".

Billy said...

"Also like Billy calling our Mahmoud "the Iranian guy"."

That's because I'm too lazy to type out his name and spell it correctly.

He was on the news last night being interviewed. Why does he always wear that awful jacket? Never mind putting him on our blogrolls, we ought to club together and get him a nice coat.

Tim Footman said...

I worry about that face he pulls when he gets emotional. Looks like haemmorhoids to me.

Tom: Haven't you heard? It's a new military tactic that Rumsfeld's defined. If you don't tell anyone why you've actually started the war (see Iraq), nobody else can tell you whether or not you've won. When you want to stop, you retrospectively announce why you went in, picking a target that, miraculously, you attained that morning. The Israelis just decide that a stray camel that got run over by a humvee was a Hezbollah ringleader, show his pics to the press, then fuck off quick before the camel's owner finds out. Job done!

Joel said...

It would be even more effective if there was a statue of the camel to pull down.
Are all the world leaders going to get blogs now? Imagine the hilarious possibilities. Because I'm too busy to write them.

Richard LP said...

Very interested to read about your association of 'Climbing Up The Walls' and East Timor. When I was writing a book about the violence in Indonesia and East Timor ('In the Time of Madness', out in paperback, on Amazon), that song was the mental sound track to which I worked. That metallic, hysterical, nightmarish atmosphere was something I tried to impart to my own writing. I'd go as far as to say that it was one of the inspirations for the book (along with Joseph Conrad, funnily enough).

Happy to send you a copy, Tim, and I'd love to see your chapter. said...

i know this is old, but... i'd like to read your 2000 words on 'climbing up the walls'.