Friday, May 18, 2018

About stupid

A politician may or may not have called another politician a “stupid woman”, which is very bad, apparently. I understand it’s not exactly the sort of thing you’d like to hear from a colleague, but it’s fairly low down the rankings as far as political vituperation goes.

It turns out, though, that “stupid” is now verboten in many schools. But I’m not sure if that means it’s just considered too hurtful to draw attention to someone’s stupidity — or whether stupidity as a thing is considered not to exist.

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Roger Allen said...

The Speaker isn't just a politician. They're supposed to control and moderate the House of Commons, not get dirty with the rest of them.
Equally, an action or an opinion may be stupid: that does not mean that everything the person concerned does is automatically stupid or that the person themselves can be dismissed as stupid.