Tuesday, June 04, 2013

The Game of Thrones post you’ve all been waiting for

To be honest, I haven’t been watching Game of Thrones, nor have I read the sturdy tomes upon which it’s based, so I confess to being a little baffled as to why the most recent episode has provoked such a loud and anguished reaction among the fan base. In fact, the response seems to have drowned out the sound of the show itself; as in the 2 Girls 1 Cup meme, the people watching are more interesting than the nominal subject matter. That said, I still can’t get my head around the practice of photographing your food so the idea of people filming each other watching TV is pretty baffling.

But although this is an age of supposedly unparalleled narcissism, such behaviour has precedents. I’ve written before about the tank-topped kid in the Top of the Pops studio when Bowie played Starman, captivated not by the homoerotic history being made in front of him but by his own image on the monitor. We are all stars. Until our throats are cut and they kill our poor dog.


Mike Booth said...

IT WAS A WOLF! Cheeses!

Annie said...

You know nothing, Cultural Snow (Game of Thrones joke.)

The whole point of it is nobody is safe and everybody dies horribly. As favourite character Arya answers succinctly, when asked who is her one true god, "Death".

I think those people were really gasping in shock that the writers (or author) were so willing to kill off characters they'd come to care about.

expat@large said...

Top spoiler in the middle of the video there btw.

Tim F said...

I thought it might be a hairy dragon, Mike.

Annie: Meh. I'm old enough to remember the last episode of Blake's Seven. You want a bloodbath?

You got the memo then, e@l?