Friday, September 10, 2010

A candy-colored clown

I think I stopped dreaming for a while, or maybe I was dreaming dreams that left no trace on the waking memory. Now I dream again, but the dreams are quite un-dreamlike, entirely feasible if sometimes a little implausible. In other words, rather boring. I recently found myself attempting to deliver a large mattress to a flat in Plymouth. It’s not something I’ve ever done, and I’ll be surprised if I ever do it, but it’s hardly the sort of thing that can only occur in the fevered imagination.

And on those rare occasions when my dreams do break free from the bondage of banal reality, they’re still pretty much empty of excitement. For example, last night, I dreamed I was on some kind of commercial time travel flight, where everybody was dressed in 1970s sci-fi chic (think Buck Rogers in the 25th Century). Potential for some kind of reality-defying adventure, one might think? Nah. Rather than meeting Tutankhamun, I occupied myself by filling in the landing card, but I made a mistake, and had to ask the stewardess for a new one.

So, tell me. How dull are your dreams?


Rol said...

I'm like you recently. I haven't had a decent dream in weeks. They tend to play out like my waking hours with nonsensical alterations. The best dreams I have get turned into stories, all the rest are quickly forgotten.

I did have one a while back where I was starring in a TV show as an undercover secret agent with super-confidence. The two opening scenes were better than anything I've seen on TV in years. After that, it kind of fell apart.

Richard said...

I have loads of far from dull dreams but can never remember the damn things, just know I've had one.

I can remember two recent ones: My ex has been away recently and I fed her pets for a week. In my dream I'd gone into her bathroom looking for and calling her cat, Jack. I was actually holding him but he'd reverted to a kitten. I left the dream looking at her bath, still calling "Jack" but increasingly puzzled why the cat wasn't in it. She doesn't actually have a bath anymore.

The other dream involved a the promise of a certain degree of intimacy with an acquaintance. Terrible, as I woke up before it got interesting. However, as I woke up, my jaw suddenly spasmed and I bit through the back of my tongue. Painful.

Rog said...

In a bizarre twist my rapid eye movement sleep involved me being turned down by the lead singer of R.E.M..

Apparently I wasn't Michael's Type.

(Eat your heart out Tim Vine!)

Valerie said...

Most of mine are dull as toast. On one notable occasion, though, I woke up from an amazing dream, wrote it down as a short story, and subsequently sold it to Bridge magazine in Chicago.

I think that's a once-in-a-lifetimer, though.

Last night I had two dreams going at once and they were interfering with each other, as when two TV channels are too close. Very peculiar.

Dick Headley said...

I dreamt I went to see 'Inception' the other night and walked out after 10 minutes.

Rosie said...

Sailing around a Norwegian Port in a cerulean blue sky and an iceberg nearby all different shades of green and white.
Rather different from everyday life.

Anonymous said...

Haven't had a dream in a long time.