Friday, October 16, 2009

Feasting on Stephen

...and the next time someone suggests that poorly argued, badly written, self-indulgent blogs are debasing culture and making it harder for conscientious, thoroughly researched journalism to get a look-in, just refer them to this.

Jondrytay, Anton Vowl, Charlie Brooker and Michael Deacon weigh in, as do many others.

Eventually, Moir apologises, but misses the point. Her worst sin isn’t the snide fag-bashing that’s been a staple of the right-wing tabloids for decades. It’s the standard of her journalism that stinks; and it took the derided Twitterati to point it out.

PS: Another angle.


Vicus Scurra said...

very succinctly put.
Who's next?

Z said...

Goodness, what a bitch. I rather wish I hadn't read that.

chatterbox said...

Bit late now but one of the facebook sites has a link to a screengrab to avoid giving the Daily Mail more hits :