Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dead Kennedy

From the Telegraph obituary of Ludovic Kennedy:
Indeed he never really lost a certain aristocratic contempt for television and dismissed as ludicrously self-important the views of those television executives who believed that “a thing said simultaneously to 15 million people will carry more influence than something said privately at a pub or dinner party or picked up elsewhere in the course of the day.”
I suspect he never got the hang of Twitter.


Boz said...

That's the problem with Twitter though. No ability to share drinks..

Chris said...

The last two people whose deaths I found out about from this blog were Tony Wilson and Oliver Postgate. I had nothing against Ludovic Kennedy (quite liked him in that episode of 'Yes, Minister'), but this is much more like it.

Billy said...

Where's the Mail column slagging him off? I assumed they do it for everyone.

Tim F said...

Boz: Twinks.

Chris: He played drums in a jazz band with Humphrey Lyttelton. Can't have been a bad bloke.

Billy: No, he died of pneumonia, not of gayness.