Friday, August 08, 2008

Millennium Bridge sunset

Three scenarios as London recedes into the distance:

1. Meeting Lindah outside the Old Vic, and realising that we're so old, we can remember a time when Tim Pigott-Smith could reasonably have been expected to play Freddy, rather than Higgins; and Una Stubbs, at a pinch, might have been Eliza.

2. In Benugo, the rather-too-pleased-with-itself bar in what I still insist on calling the NFT:

ME: Have you got any stout?

BARMAN: No. But we've got Guinness.

[Meaningful pause.]

BARMAN: God, that's really embarrassing. And I'm Irish as well.

ME: It's OK. I won't put it in my blog.

3. And I have finished The Unconsoled!


M.A.Peel said...

The more important question is, do you have Olympic fever?

garfer said...
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garfer said...

Una, Una, Una!

Who needs a Thurman for Chrissakes?

Tim Footman said...

Mrs Peel: Or Bird's Nest flu as we're calling it.

Garfer: I just had a horrible image of Worzel Gummidge being remade with Uma as Aunt Sally, and Matt Damon as Worzel.