Friday, February 15, 2008

Three pieces of BKK

Sighted in a large bookshop in Bangkok: a soundproof booth, in which blind and partially sighted people can listen to audio books in the same way sighted readers can browse the shelves.

A good idea, I thought: but how do blind people know it's there?

Ah! A braille sign!

Inside the booth.

The best hot chocolate in town is to be found in Angelina, on the third floor of the Central Chidlom department store. The cakes are good too. And you can see the Benetton concession from there. If you like that sort of thing.

Sighted at the entrance to Soi Cowboy, one of Bangkok's three main, ahem, entertainment districts, at about 6pm, Valentine's Day. Two bargirls get out of a taxi, presumably on their way to work. The second, as she steps out, desperately tries to pull down her skirt, so as not to expose her knickers. That, of course, would be unladylike.


9/10ths Full of Penguins said...

What is the Benetton concession? I presume it's a shop of some description. However, in my mind's eye I see something less prosaic.

Perhaps in the future there will be great consumer wars where multi-nationals engage in fierce battles for new markets. Imagine if you will, Nestle and Disney fighting tooth and nail for the rights to advertise on the Moon. Perhaps the Benetton Concession was the result of a great battle between purveyors of overpriced sports fashionwear.

Or maybe not...

Billy said...

I actually like the sound of all of that. If only it was colder there.

Tim F said...

9/10: It's where you can fit all the knitwear necessary in a city with an average day/night temperature of 26 degrees centigrade.

Billy: See above. And the telly's pants as well.

Mangonel said...

It was Arthur C Clarke or Fred Pohl or someone who suggested that in the (unspecified) future there would be no countries, only companies. Passports would be replaced by passes, and national anthems by company songs.


Anonymous said...

There's a comedy sketch - oh bugger, can't think who by - of Tesco invading Denmark. Tesco wins the war in seconds.

Is your time in Bangkok finite or open-ended? (Answer philosophically if you wish.)

Dick Headley said...

I wouldn't know about those, ahem, entertainment districts. I'm a little surprised you haven't mentioned l'affaire Gogarty.

Tim F said...

What would the Benetton song be, Mangonel? We All Fold Together?

It was Armando Iannucci, wasn't it, Bib? And the answer is both - I know I'm not staying for good, but not sure exactly when it will end.

The Gogarty thing is beyond parody, Dick. Although Rafael is keeping the flame burning.

Annie said...

I don't get how blind people ever find any braille stuff. What do they do, walk around tube stations with their arms out feeling the walls and stuff? How come you never see anyone doing that?

Anonymous said...

That Tesco sketch is horribly close to the truth - mustn't say too much though, Tesco are a big client of ours. God bless Mr Leahy and all his good works!

I had hot chocolate in Angelina in Paris once. It was incredibly rich and yet all around me were tiny, immaculately groomed Parisian women chucking it down their throats like mothers' milk!

Tim F said...

Only in zombie movies, Annie.

It is very rich, Marsha, but the sugar and cream is served on the side, so you can control your calorie intake. I tried to make it at the weekend, from the Angelina recipe, but they don't specify which chocolate they use - I put in some hardcore 100% stuff and it was too bitter. Will have a go with G&B 70%.